New Sightings Database Search engines launched

8th Jun 2004 Have you wondered what whales and dolphins have been seen in your area ? The IWDG Sightings Database as over 5500 sigfhting records from around the island of Ireland.

You can explore the seas around Ireland using the new search facilities on this website. Go to

Under the ISCOPE initiative the IWDG databases have been upgraded and new search engines developed.

You can still map and list sightings by county and species as before but now specific sites in each county can be targeted. The improved map enables you to zoom in on areas of interest.

Under advanced search sightings can be presented by region, month, year and over any period you require. Mean group size is automatically calculated.

This new facility will be an invaluable tool for schools, researchers and conservation managers.

You are welcome to share or use information and articles from this website but please reference the source and acknowledge the IWDG.