Two new courses for Co Mayo

4th May 2004 Two ISCOPE training courses have been organised for County Mayo: one in UISCE in Ellybay on the Mullet penninsula and one at the Westport Leisure Park. Both courses will be delivered by Simon Berrow.

Contact the people below for more details.

May 21st

ISCOPE, Cetacean Workshop.

Loc: UISCE in Ellybay, Co. Mayo.

Evening (7-10pm), recording and identification of stranded and sighted cetaceans.

Contact: Marianne Odendahl



May 22nd

ISCOPE, Cetacean Workshop.

Loc: Westport Leisure Park.

Afternoon (2-5pm), covering whale watching field skills, recording and ID.

Contact: Deirdre Cunningham

Tel:094 9047684