Porpoise Live-Strands in Kenmare, Co. Kerry.

15th Apr 2004 A Porpoise live- stranded in Kenmare, Co. Kerry this afternoon 15th April. The porpoise was sighted, immobile on the beach near Kenmare Golf Course at around 5pm.

Local Katie Clifford reported the stranding to the IWDG while local vet James Duggan attended the scene. The porpoise was judged to be in good enough condition to attempt a refloat, having no signs of malnutrition, no major injuries and a normal breathing rate. The only obvious trauma was a minor wound to the tail flukes.

The porpoise was transported a short distance by van to the pier at Kenmare from where it was placed back in the water. Volunteers supported the animal in the water for about an hour before it made a dash for the open sea.

The IWDG would like to congratulate all involved in returning the animal to the water, on what was a very cold and blustery evening.

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