Bottlenose dolphins in Cork harbour

19th Aug 2003 A pod of 20+ bottlenose dolphins have been observed each day in Cork harbour since August 8th up till time of posting on Aug. 19th.

A sample of the sightings reported to the IWDG cetacean sighting scheme, suggests they are using an area between East Ferry, Spike Island, Haulbowline, Roche's Pt. and outside the harbour from Myrtleville.

Similar bottlenose activity was reported in Cork hbr. in August 2002, and efforts are now under way to see if UCC researchers can obtain any photo ID shots, that will confirm whether any of these dolphins can be matched with individuals on the bottlenose dolphin photo ID catalogue from the west coast.

It's remains something of a mystery, as to why exactly Cork harbour has in recent years played host to visiting dolphin species (not forgetting the three killer whales that spent the entire summer 2001 in Cork harbour).

Summer seems to be attracting bottlenose dolphins, while winter months see frequent incursions by large aggregations of feeding, common dolphins.

Could this be as simple as increased observer effort in the Cork area? If in the Cork hbr. area, it may be well worth your while trying to see them.

For daily updates on their movement please visit this websites sightings section.

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