Reflections and images on the Trail of the Whale

2nd Feb 2019

Six counties, six venues, one month completed on the Trail of Whale - with the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group.  There has been great support from local  communities, great feedback and great evenings all round. From the launch in  the mighty Lexicon theatre, Dún Laogháire to the county libraries of Monaghan and Arklow. 


​To view the preparation at Monaghan library click here​. 

Big thanks to Pamela Cullen for putting the tour together, and to Tony Whelan for his unstinting dedication to the cause with back up from Frances Bermingham, Meadhbh Quinn and Trea Heapes. 



Sínead Mongan who attended the evening in the National Aquarium in Galway sent us this poem after hearing our stories

Just a taste

Warm jets prick Icelandic brines,

shoals steal away to the north,   

trawlers doze on rusting keels,

fishermen skipper fresh fortunes

on vessels of curiosity.

Snap happy through the sputtering

oily stench, overcooked fumes,

spyhoppers inspecting the other,
anything for a day-tripping peek

at yawning jaws of baleen corsetry

sifting lifeblood from sea.


Freshly flensed minke hauls

shipped from northern fjords

to Reykjavikian hotels, pans sizzle

poised to sear, to sate palates

and tongues of passers-through,

just a little taster platter.


Flukes and breaches already forgotten

as they disembark.

Now that we’ve seen them,

where can we taste them?

- Sinéad Mongan January 2019

Many thanks to Sinead

Feedback from Tralee Co Kerry

Feedback from Monaghan

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