IWDG plan the way forward ...

12th Jan 2019

The new Three-Year Plan for the IWDG has just been published.  Any organisation with high amibitions and limited resources need to plan how they are best going to achieve their ambitions and allocate time and money.  IWDG have tried to distill their ambitions in a three-year strategic plan to inform members and sponsers what our priorities are. The 4th IWDG Three -Year Plan was presented to IWDG members at the AGM in December and is now published 

See Item 7 on Our Mission http://www.iwdg.ie/aboutus/mission/

The over-riding ambition is to "To increase engagement with IWDG members and the public, to share our knowledge and enthusiasm and to promote our conservation actions and priorities". 

In this plan are 11 high priority actions including: 

Rebrand IWDG to assist in communicating our message

- Build new website to reflect changing social media trends

- Support for the Development of a Network of Local Groups

- increase participation in recording schemes

- circulate bimonthly news e-zines and seasonal E-magazines

- Organise a workshop on sprat to engage all stakeholders and initiate a conversation about sprat fishing and their importance in coastal ecosystems

- IWDG will organise a disentanglement workshop and exercise with key partners to prepare better for such events. 

11 medium priority actions including 

- draft a list of national and local events, which IWDG should attend each year over the life of this plan

- produce regular vlogs with which to tell our stories

- visiting schools, both primary and secondary, to talk about whales and dolphins 

- IWDG will publish an updated Review of Whales and Dolphins in Ireland and a publication Whales and Whale Watching in Ireland

- Carry out a review of ferry survey data 

- IWDG will continue to collect high quality photo-id images suitable for photo-id and to encourage these images to be sent to the IWDG

Photo credit: Nick Massett

We encourage members to look over this plan and see how they would like to get more involved in the IWDG and potential sponsors to see what action they might support. 

This year (2019) is likely to be very important for the future of our seas and the whales and dolphins that inhabit them. We are rapidly approaching D-day for biodiversity loss and climate chaos. Only by building relationships, influencing policies and making hard decisions will we improve the future for our young generation. 


You are welcome to share or use information and articles from this website but please reference the source and acknowledge the IWDG.