IWDG wishes Welfare Officer Paul Kiernan well in Rome

1st Aug 2018


It is with regret the IWDG say goodbye and thanks to Paul Kiernan as he heads off to Italy on a new posting at the Irish Embassy.

Paul has been the IWDG Welfare Officer over the past six -year and has taken this part of our remit to a new level.  IWDG often stated “we didn’t do welfare” as we were concerned about addressing this important issue in the most appropriate way.  Paul joined IWDG and developed not only our Welfare brief through a Policy Document but also brought the IWDG board and officers on the journey to appreciate not only welfare issues but the “science of welfare”.

 Paul delivering a Live Stranding Course in Greencastle, August 2014 

Paul represented the IWDG at meetings and workshops with the International Whaling Commission, IUCN and ASCOBANS.He produced an updated and greater expanded version of the Face to Face with a Beached Whale document, which outlines IWDG action for dealing with live stranding cetaceans. This document has been widely distributed to partners and those wishing to help.

Paul recently took part in Ireland to Iceland 2018 humpback whale expedition and had some amazing whale and wildlife encounters, which we hope will remind him of the IWDG and keep his soul fed during the hot days in Rome.

 Paul and Brendan reflect on a humpback whale encounter in Iceland


Paul has left an excellent legacy and will be a hard act to follow.  IWDG welcomes interested people who wish to take up this challenge with the IWDG.

Good luck in Rome Paul and don’t be a stranger and thanks for everything you have contributed to the IWDG.


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