Joshua Quinton's paraglide for the IWDG

7th Apr 2018

A big thanks and well done to Joshua Quinton! Joshua completed his paraglide to raise funds for the IWDG on Bank Holiday Monday. He's raised an amazing €320 so far, and there's still time to support Joshua's campaign at

Here are some shots from the day - Joshua with his co-pilot and then flying high in the air! ‚Äč































Local student doing a paraglide to raise funds for the IWDG!

The IWDG are thrilled that local Clare student, Joshua Quinton, will be doing a paraglide this Saturday, 31st March, to raise vital funds for the IWDG. Joshua, who is a member of the local young dinghy sailors, first contacted us after he read our ezine article requesting help to allow us to purchase a new jeep, as our old jeep finally said its farewell last month.  The jeep is needed to help us in our work to transport stranded dolphins and conduct education and outreach. We wish Joshua all the best in his paraglide and look forward to seeing some amazing photos!

Joshua in his own words: "I’m going paragliding on the 31st of March to raise money for the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (IWDG) to purchase a new jeep. The IWDG is Ireland’s only charity dedicated to the conservation of whales and dolphins and their current jeep is now out of service. The IWDG needs a jeep urgently to help transport stranded dolphins and collect dead dolphins for postmortem examination. This is really important because IWDG scientists need to find out why so many dolphins are becoming stranded or dying on Irish shores at the moment."

To support Joshua's campaign, please see:


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