New IWDG Galway Local Group

17th Nov 2017

A local IWDG group branch has been established in Galway to continue to promote the monitoring of whales and dolphins off around the coast of County Galway and Galway Bay.

Several species of cetacean have been recorded in Galway Bay, including harbour porpoise, bottlenose dolphin, common dolphin and minke whale. A recent sighting of a humpback whale spotted from Barna pier was a first for Inner Galway Bay. Summer 2016 saw humpback whales lunge feeding off the Aran Islands, while IWDG members were alongside on IWDG's Research Vessel Celtic Mist to observe the action.

A solitary bottlenose dolphin 'Nimmo' (pictured below left), which is believed to be semi-resident, has been recorded foraging at the mouth of the River Corrib just off the end of Nimmo's Pier from early spring to summer for several years. This year alone we have recorded strandings of pilot whale, minke whale, killer whale, bottlenose dolphin, common dolphin and harbour porpoise. 








Photo above left: The semi-resident bottlenose dolphin Nimmo. Photo above right: Minke whale stranding in Furbo

Calling all IWDG Galway members -we hope to get local members involved in the sighting and stranding schemes and to raise awareness of the work carried out by the IWDG. Group members will also have the chance to participate in local activities, such as presentations, workshops and IWDG courses along with opportunities to assist and crew the IWDG's Celtic Mist when the research vessel is in Galway.

If you would like to be included in the IWDG Galway mailing list, please e-mail Rossa  or check out their Facebook page:

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