Dolphin tracked throughout British Isles and beyond

21st Mar 2016

Some of you may have had the pleasure of seeing the antics of the bottlenose dolphin, known as "Clet" during the summer of 2014, when between mid May through to October, the IWDG sighting scheme tracked his movements along Cork and Kerry and up the West coast as he moved north though Irish waters. There were 20 validated sightings of this adult male in Irish waters, which contributed almost one third of the records of this individual over the 3 year period since 2011. This project was a collaboration between a range of NGO's who pooled sightings data and images, so that a more complete story could be told of this long range traveller.

This bottlenose dolphin 1st came to the French publics' attention when he showed up of Brittany during spring/summer 2011, and has since been recorded off Enland, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. This is a nice example of Citizen Science at work, as many of these records were reported by you, the public. Of course we are mindful that not everyone enjoyed their encounters with "Clet", who did on quite a few occasions seem to take exception to sharing the water with "non dolphin species", such as harbour porpoises and humans!

Here is the final link the interactive map that was produced, which makes for interesting reading;

Pádraig Whooley

IWDG Sightings Officer


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