IWDG Website Update

9th Sep 2015

This is a quick update on where we are with the website, the issues we've run into and a request for some software development help.

As you may have noticed we are in the process of updating our website at IWDG.ie and making it mobile friendly. We had planned to do this in a phased approach replacing the old website functionality with new functionality section by section. This ensured minimal inconvenience to IWDG members and public visitors. We began with the new Membership and Shop systems and these went live in September 2014 on a separate server (http://iwdg-shop.com/). All member/customer data was moved from the old site to the new one.

We than began working on the Sightings and Stranding section but before we were finished our old site was compromised. We had to take it down as we were unsure as to what the hackers had done or were planning to do. The reason the site was compromised is that it used the Joomla Content Management System and there are known vulnerabilities for which we hadn't take correct countermeasures due to lack of in-house experience. This meant all functionality except the shop/membership systems were no longer available as the new software was not ready. So we quickly put together a bare bones new website which is is currently what you see on IWDG.ie. The new shop/membership system was not compromised as it was on a different server and using new secure software.

We are now continuing to add functionality to the new site and already included are:

Next up is to display recent sighting/stranding on the site so people can again keep up to date.

After that there is considerable work yet to be done but with limited resources & funding it is taking time, so please bear with us.

We are seeking help from any volunteers with software development experience in PHP programming and/or phpAdmin database admin. If you think you are in a position to help please email iwdg.ie@gmail.com. Also, for later, if you have any development experience with any of these: iPhone, Android or HTML5 games please also email us.

IWDG Website Team


You are welcome to share or use information and articles from this website but please reference the source and acknowledge the IWDG.