Whale live strands inland in Co. Kerry....confirmed dead

5th Apr 2015


IWDG has learned that the live stranded minke whale which was refloated near Kenmare on Friday has been found dead at the shore in Tuosist, Co. Kerry. There is presently no post mortem scheme in place in Ireland, so it is very unlikely that we will ever establish what was wrong with this juvenile whale that resulted in its stranding so far up river.

Original Story:

On Friday 3rd April, a juvenile whale was found live stranded about 1.5km upriver of the large bridge in Kenmare, Co. Kerry. The animal, which was confirmed from images to be a juvenile minke whale somehow negotiated its way passed reedbeds and found itself in the outer reaches of the Roughty River. The animal was refloated as the waters rose on an incoming tide and a number of local boats managed to herd it down-river, back out under the bridge and out beyond the pier. 

It's hard to imagine just what happened to this animal that it swam so far upriver and it's quite possible that it was ill or injured. It's a reflection on how dedicated the rescuers were that they managed to get it refloated and herded back to deeper water without it restranding again and as yet there have been no further reports of it being found stranded in the area.


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