IWDG Propose Temporal Closure of the Porcupine Seabight to Seismic Activity

1st Sep 2014
The IWDG have submitted a proposal to the Petroleum affairs Division for  for a temporal restriction of seismic survey activity on 
the slopes of the Irish Shelf and Porcupine Seabight.
The proposal stems from an increasing body of evidence which shows that the Irish Shelf Slopes and Porcupine Seabigh are an important migration route and opportunistic foraging area for blue whales and fin whales from August to March each year. Humpback whales are also known to migrate along a simal route in the winter and early spring.
The IWDG is concerned at a large increase in seismic survey activity in the Porpcupine Seabight during the main migration period and evidence of disturbance to migrating whales from these surveys. The IWDG is proposing that seismic survey activity be restricted to the months March to August, outside of the migration period, in order to minimise disturbance to these highly endangered whale species. Blue whales are listed as 'critically endangered' and fin whales are listed as 'endangered' on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species
The proposal was developed by Dave Wall and Patrick Lyne on behalf of the IWDG following a meeting between PAD and IWDG in May. The IWDG feel the proposal is both reasonable and supported by best available information.
Please see full proposal attached to this article

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