Whales and dolphins of Rathlin Island, Co. Antrim

31st May 2013

To coincide with the IWDG's Celtic Mist arriving in Rathlin Island, Co. Antrim today 31st May to celebrate the Rathlin Sound Maritime Festival 2013, IWDG has undertaken a general 10 year review of cetacean and basking shark sightings in the waters around and adjacent to Rathlin Island.  Although historically there have been relatively few sightings reported to IWDG from Rathlin Island, which is situated just 3 miles off the North Antrim coast between Fair Head and Rue point, this more likely reflects on the low observer recording effort than any lack of marine megafauna.

We hope that the presence of the Celtic Mist will be a big draw for the festival and that it will encourage further recording of cetacean activity both by passengers on the Ballycastle ferry as well as locals and visitors to the island.  Congratulations to Micheal Cecil and colleagues for putting together the festival, which we hope is a resounding success. Also a big thanks to Ciaran O' Driscoil from another Irish offshore Island (Cape Clear, Co. Cork) for volunteering the time to skipper the Celtic Mist up to Rathlin.

See link below to PDF of report

Good luck from all in IWDG



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