Live strandings in Mayo and Donegal

14th May 2013

Two live stranded events in recent days off the northwest. In Aughleam, on the Mullet pemnisular, co Mayo a group of around seven common dolphins live stranded on Sunday.  Attempts to refloat them were successful on a number of occasions but a calf was found dead this morning and another dolphin had to be euthanased. 

On Five Fingers beach, Inishowen, Co Donegal a beaked whale was found on Sunday and judgiong by the fresh scratches and scars was live stranded.  It is presumed to be a female Sowerby's beaked whale (id difficult without detailed examination of teeth) and today a dead beaked whale calf was also found stranded nearby. Both individuals are being recovered to Athlone Regional Vet Lab tonight for post-mortem examination tommorrow.

Interestingly a Sowerby's beaked whale live stranded in mid-Wales a few days ago . we will update this new piece with further information.