Whale and Dolphin Roadshow Visits Galway

19th Mar 2012 The Whale and Dolphin Roadshow will be in the Galway Shopping Centre from 22-25 March as part od the European Cetacean Society Conference celebrations.

This very popular and informative roadshow is sponsored by ASCOBANS who are having there 19th Meeting of the Advisory Committee in Galway to coincide with the ECS conference. ASCOBANS is a Conservation and Management Agreement concerned with small cetaceans of the Baltic, Northeast Atlantic and Irish and North Sea (www.ascobans.org).

The Whale and Dolphin Roadshow is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about whales. dolphins and porpoise of the ASCOBANS region which includes Ireland. (www.whaleworkshop.org)

The Roadshow is free to all so please do visit Andy and Ana at the Galway Shopping Centre.

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