New poster at Ram Head Ardmore

2nd Sep 2011 It was a tough weekend for us here in County Waterford when the sperm whale live stranded. It became apparent as events unfolded that a protocol for dealing with such an incident in the future needs to be put in place, although, of course, I'm sincerely hoping that something like it never happens again! To that end over the next few weeks I'll be meeting with various agencies to set some sort of plan of action. However in the meantime some minor good news for the County!

Over the years I've always hoped to have a poster at Ram Head showing which whales and dolphins could be seen from there. I was recently approached by Ardmore Tidy Towns to supply some photos for a poster of birds seen in the area. The opportunity to put forward the idea of a whale and dolphin poster at the same time seemed ideal. I was delighted when they agreed to the initiative.

So I set about collaborating on the design with Brigid Shelly. I wanted it to be as simple and clear as possible and also to be ‘interactive'. To that end we've allowed the chart to be unlocked so that I can add sightings whenever I make them. Hopefully soon it will be full, but last week I added the first ever sighting-cue fanfare! Actually by a bizarre twist of fate we actually did have a fanfare of sorts! As I was in the act of writing up my spotting of 6 common dolphins, Jim Lane who organises guided tours of Ardmore arrived at the lookout tower and started to play his bagpipes. Thanks for that Jim!

Many thanks to all who have helped in the fulfilment of this project; Ardmore Tidy Towns who went with the initiative, Spar who sponsored it, Whelan Signs, Dungarvan who printed it, Brigid Shelly who largely designed it and special thanks to the photographs supplied by Declan Clarke, Nigel Moyter, Nick Massett, Simon Berrow and Randal Counihan.

Andrew Malcolm IWDG

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