Fundraising for Celtic Mist

26th Aug 2011 Celtic Mist is a fantastic resource for the IWDG. We have taken ownership of the vessel, completed a leg of the Tall Ships 2011 Race - the only Irish entry, been provided with a sponsored berth in Kilrush Creek Marina, Co Clare, set up a Celtic Mist Committe and launched a website (

We have published a notice for a refit of Celtic Mist to complete minor repairs and maintenance and refit out as a research vessel. We hope to re-launch in March 2012.

We are applying to the Clare Local Development Company for LEADER funding towards the refit. we are eligeable for 75% funding but need to provide 25% funding ourselves. We estimate this to be in the region of 12,500 EUR. Celtic Mist has already cost IWDG around 5-7500 EUR so we must start a fundraising campaign to cover these and other costs.

Anybody with donations, contacts or ideas for raising funds should write to All donations above 250 EUR are tax deductable.

This is a great resource for the IWDG but only the IWDG can ensure it is kept on the water and used for the conservation and protection of cetaceans in Irish waters.

Dr Simon Berrow

IWDG Co-ordinator

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