Fáilte Ireland discover new species for Irish waters

3rd Feb 2011 The new Fáilte Ireland advert features a breaching Southern Right Whale - a species never recorded in Ireland !

Yes, this story may have a familiar ring to it, and that's because this isn't the first time Fáilte Ireland have used this footage (see link above). The sequence of a breaching whale which appears just after 2 minutes of play is of a Southern right whale, a species not found in Irish waters. In fact as their name suggests, they are only found in the Southern hemisphere and this footage almost certainly comes from South Africa or Australia.

We're surprised that this footage has been included again, although to be fair the otherwise excellent ad also features a cheetah, which wouldn't be on the list of native Irish mammals either. The last time we brought this curious anomoly (error) to the attention of Fáilte Ireland, they had to adjust the wording of the ad in order to avoid the risk of claims of "false advertising".

This issue was even raised by wildlife commentator, Jim Wilson on the Mooney Goes Wild show with a Fáilte Ireland executive who explained it was stock footage from a Dublin based ad agency. The remarkable thing is that there now exists wonderful footage of humpback whales breaching in Irish waters. IWDG in collaboration with Crossing the Line Films have brought this footage to a massive Irish audience, as it was shown extensively on RTE News and Irish wildlife productions such as the recent Wild Journeys series.

IWDG do work with Fáilte Ireland to promote Whale Watching in Ireland, and they support All-Ireland WhaleWatch Day each year. IWDG feel it is important to get these promotions as accurate as possible. We will continue to promote Ireland as a fantastic place to come and Whale Watch.

A little joined-up thinking as to how best promote and exploit this fantastic marine resource is long- overdue. We welcome the opportunity to meet with Fáilte Ireland to discuss the opportunities whalewatching in Ireland presents.

Thanks to IWDG West Cork member, Calvin Jones for bringing this footage to our notice.

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