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4th Nov 2010 The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group began their foray into social networking approximately a year ago with the establishment of a facebook page. As we mark the anniversary of its establishment we sit on the verge of reaching the landmark of 1,000 ‘likes'.

To the non-facebookers out there this means that we now have 1,000 people that are essentially fans of the IWDG Facebook page and can be kept up to date with our most recent stories and information from the IWDG website through the convenience of their Facebook page. It also allows us to reach a much wider audience as we have seen through users as far away as Sweden, United States, Australia, Malaysia and Argentina.

Of course, our core fanbase is in Ireland with 722 ‘likes', followed by friends in the UK on 106 ‘likes'. Our capital city currently leads the way as 523 Dubliners like the page. Although it is somewhat expected that Dublin would have the lead due to the size of its population, the strength of this lead is somewhat surprising, as the next highest city comes in at Cork at just 47 people, followed by Galway at 32. Both of these areas are centers of cetacean activity and possess a larger number of active IWDG members, which would have led us to expect larger numbers in these areas.

Facebook also allows us other insights into the pages user demographics, without revealing any personal details or identifications: 59% of our fans are female and 62% of all users are aged between 25 and 44 years old. These trends are also mirrored in the most active users of the page, through posts, comments, interactions and conversations. This has implications for IWDG membership and helps us to identify what kinds of events we should be attending and targeting in order to reach our core audiences.

Our online network has been growing as a steady rate since the page was started, and the community is now becoming more established; we have more comments, feedback and conversations from regular contributors, and a post from the IWDG never goes unnoticed. Our photo albums are building up, and the demographics are helping us to identify focus areas for events, such as last months joint IWDG/IWT Howth Head whalewatch event and IWDG talk at the Natural History Museum.

It also serves as an easy and interactive way for members to keep abreast of IWDG news, research and events, and for you to share your ideas with us, so if you support the work of the IWDG, make sure you show it by ‘liking' us on Facebook!!!

Debbie Pedreschi

Facebook Editor for IWDG

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