East coast bottlenose still showing.... Update.

3rd Dec 2010 Report Update: 03/12/10....Bottlenose dolphins in the snow

Having viewed IWDG member John Coveney's wonderful photos taken from a recent sighting this Monday 29th Nov of the three bottlenose dolphins, we felt his images would be of interest to cetacean enthusiasts. Additional images with this wonderful snowy backdrop can be seen on John's Flickr site http://www.flickr.com/photos/johncoveneyphotos/sets/72157625369191431/

A single harbour porpoise was observed in Killliney Bay bay today, sighting courtesy of Valerie Freeman. Alas no sign of the three bottlenose.

Report Update: 30/11/10....Killiney Bay is the current sightings hotspot

This group of three bottlenose dolphins Tursiops truncatus have in the past two weeks been showing very well in Killiney Bay area of South Co. Dublin. This pod was first documented by IWDG Sightings network on 11th August 2010 during somewhat warmer times when water temperatures were around 14-16 degrees. Almost four months and 65 validated sightings later they are now being reported to IWDG on a near daily basis by local IWDG members and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

Although it is too early to speculate as to what drew these marine apex predators to this 25 mile stretch of coastline between Dun Laoghaire and Wicklow Harbours, the flow of sightings being reported to IWDG suggests that these dolphins have found sufficient prey items in these waters to hold them here. Only time will tell whether this pod which comprises two adults and a juvenile will take up residence in the area and become the east coast's first documented "resident" bottlenose dolphins.

This activity reflects an overall trend in recent years of an increase in bottlenose dolphin sightings being reported to IWDG from many Irish Sea areas.

The IWDG appreciate all sightings reports that are reported on www.iwdg.ie

Report Update: 31/10/10....Now back off Wicklow

IWDG have just received a very fresh report from Wicklow RNLI Press Officer, Tommy Dover, that 3 dolphins were bow-riding the Wicklow "All-Weather" resecue vessel at 11:30 am today 31/10/10 near the Breeches Bouy between Kilcoole and Six mile Point. A few hours later they were recorded 300m south of Greystones Harbour by local birder, Mick Boyle. Under the circumstances, these animals are almost certainly the same 3 animals in all the reports below.

Report Update: 26/10/10....Now off Dun Laoghaire

IWDG member (and organiser of last week's joint IWDG/IWT whale watch off Howth Head) Debbie Pedreschi, enjoyed a surprise sighting of 3 bottlenose dolphins yesterday 26/10/10 at 15:21pm from the east pier in Scotsman's Bay area. Given that the group comprised 2 adults and a juvenile, these are almost certainly the same animals which have been reported since August between Dalkey, Killiney, Bray, Greystones and south to Wicklow area.

They have not been confirmed in the area since 8th Oct (report below), so it's good to be able to confirm their return. Further up the Irish Sea on the previous day, 25/10/10 a seperate pod of bottlenose were reported by many observers and captured by UTV as they worked their way north from the mouth of Belfast Lo

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