Risso's dolphin live strands in Mayo

6th Aug 2010 A Risso's dolphin was found live stranded yesterday (5 August) at Elly Bay on the Mullet Peninsula, Co. Mayo. Machiel Oudejans recounts what happened - "the dolphin was found at 7:30 am after which it was kept cool using towels and seawater while people were digging a short channel to refloat the animal. Thanks to UISCE who provided shovels and a safety boat to escort the dolphin back into Blacksod. We followed the animal for 45 min, after which we lost track due to increasing sea state and long diving behaviour of the dolphin. Unfortunately, the dolphin was rediscovered stranded on rocky beach at Doolough at 17:00."

The animal was still alive and in some distress today (Friday) and attempts were being made to have it euthanased humanely.

This is the sixty sixth stranding of a Risso's dolphin on the IWDG database but just the fifth recorded live stranding of this species. A c.2m long Risso's dolphin which live stranded on 1 January 2010 at Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare was refloated and not seen again.

Mick O'Connell,

IWDG Stranding Co-ordinator.

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