New Edition of Face to Face with a Beached Whale

14th Jan 2010 The IWDG, with funding from the Environment Fund for Biodiversity Awareness 2009, have reprinted their very popular book Face to Face with a Beached Whale: Guidelines for the welfare of live-stranded cetaceans, including turtles, seals, otters and seabirds.

This is the 3rd edition of this booklet first published in 1995 in recognition of Ireland hosting the International Whaling Commission. The new edition not only provides practical advice on what to do with live stranded cetaceans but also includes first- aid for live stranded turtles, seals, otters and sebirds.

The book was produced by the IWDG in collaboration with the Irish Seal Sanctuary, who provided text on seals and seabirds and Tom Doyle of CMRC at University College, Cork who provided text on turtles. It will be distributed to all those likely to be in contact with stranded wildlife or who are called upon to react to such an event.

A complimentary copy of the guide will be mailed out to all IWDG members, but it can also be purchased for €5.00 euro incl p&p from

The IWDG will be running live-stranding triaining courses during 2010, but if you want to organise one for us to deliver then please contact

Simon Berrow and Sabine Springer