Happy Christmas to our supporters

24th Dec 2009 The IWDG wishes all our members and supporters a Happy Christmas and a successful New Year.

It has been another successful year for the IWDG which has continued to maintain its position as one of Irelands' top NGOs. We have continued to monitor cetaceans in all Irish waters through our stranding and sightings schemes and ship survdey unit. We have contributed to policy documents and strategic environmental assessments and raised awarenes through the media with articles, interviews and filming.

This year we once again revealed more amazing stories and events coming from our cetacean sighting and stranding schemes. At present there is no funding for running these schemes during 2010 but as they are the backbone of the IWDG and we will endevour to keep them as active in 2010 as in 2009.

During 2009 we had an external consultant take a hard look at IWDG structures and procedures to see if we could improve them and become even more efficient. A meeting of the IWDG Directors and Committee in early December consider his recommendations and we will be looking to implement many of them in the New Year.

Sourcing core funding to maintain the structure of the IWDG is paramount and one important source is membership. We thank whole-heartedly those who have renewed their IWDG membership during these hard financial times and urge those of you who enjoy the information and services of the IWDG through this website but are not members to take out membership. try and encourage one friend or colleague to join us in the New Year or consider me,mbership as a present.

So thank you all for your interest in cetaceans in Ireland and your support of the IWDG.

Dr Simon Berrow

IWDG Co-ordinator

You are welcome to share or use information and articles from this website but please reference the source and acknowledge the IWDG.