Another milestone for data recording in Ireland

18th Jul 2009 IWDG received it's 2000th stranding record yesterday, of a Risso's dolphin Grampus griseus at Melmore Head, Co. Donegal on the 29 June 2009. The dolphin was initially photographed by John Houston and the record was forwarded to IWDG by Gary O'Connell.

There are 62 records for Risso's dolphins on the IWDG stranding database, accounting for 3.1% of all records. 2215 individual animals were involved in the 2000 strandings with almost half of all stranding events accounted for by three species combined, namely harbour porpoise Phocoena phocoena (446/22.3%), common dolphin Delphinus delphis (351/17.5%) and pilot whale Globicephala melas (155/7.8%).

IWDG is very grateful to everyone who has taken the time to report strandings over the years, keep up the good work!

Mick O'Connell,

IWDG Stranding Co-ordinator

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