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20th May 2009 For those of you who have just seen RTE's "Living the Wildlife" whale programme and are new to the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group and our website, you are very welcome. You may find the following of interest.

If you missed the Whale Programme you can now view it via the RTE website until the 9th of June. Click Here to View the Show

We hope you enjoy the series, and if you do and would like to encourage RTE to promote more "home-grown", Natural History, don't hesitate to call RTE 01-2083111 where you can leave a message of support. They don't take anyone's name and just log the call and such messages of support can encourage future Irish programming.

Who are the IWDG?

The IWDG is Ireland's leading marine conservation NGO (Non Governmental Organisation). Established in 1990, we are dedicated to the conservation of cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) in Irish waters. The IWDG is a registered charity and was awarded charitable status in 2000 (No. CHY11163). Our membership reflects a broad spectrum of people from throughout the island of Ireland and abroad, who share our passion for whales and dolphins.

What does the IWDG do?

The IWDG carry out monitoring, research, education and awareness programmes, aimed at improving the conservation status of cetaceans and raising their profile in the media and among the public. We retain a strong scientific basis in order to be effective. The core work of the IWDG is co-ordination of the Irish Cetacean sightings and strandings schemes, which encourage reporting from the general public. To date (2009) we have documented over 14,000 validated sighting records and 2,000 stranding records. All these data are accessible on www.iwdg.ie.

How can you get involved?

The best way of supporting IWDG and our conservation work is by taking out membership and becoming actively involved in our recording schemes and events. You can join IWDG by completing the attached form or online www.iwdg.ie. We'd love to hear from you if you have a particular skill, be it legal, financial or technical, which you feel you could share with us. It has never been easier to get involved in cetacean conservation in Ireland, and you'd never know where this road might take you.

What's in it for you?

There are many advantages to being an IWDG member, but your membership fee is first and foremost a donation towards cetacean conservation in Ireland. As a member you will also be kept firmly inside the “information loop” and will receive:

•Regular group email bulletins of interesting sighting and strandings, courses, events and research opportunities, as and when they arise.

•At least two issues of our 20 page Míol Mór, IWDG News magazine each year along with an IWDG wallplanner.

•Discounts on a range of IWDG events, including our very popular weekend whale watching courses on Cape Clear Island, Co. Cork. See events section or 2nd article on home page.

•Advice on whale watching, at home and overseas

•Discounts on a range of IWDG publications.

•Alerts on spaces when available on research trip

•First refusal on all IWDG overseas holidays such as Iceland and Baja.

Some IWDG achievements to date

•Declaration of Irish waters as a whale and dolphin sanctuary in 1991

•Promotion of non-invasive boat and land-based whale watching

•Delivered three major whale exhibitions in ENFO and hosted two International Whale Conferences in 2004 & 2008.

•Produced guidelines for the welfare of live-stranded cetaceans

•Purchased Ireland's 1st rescue pontoons and deliver simulated whale s

You are welcome to share or use information and articles from this website but please reference the source and acknowledge the IWDG.