Dead Sperm whale in offshore waters

1st Apr 2009 This dead adult male sperm whale was photographed by Airman Pat Reilly, 105 Squadron about 170 miles West of Loop Head, West Coast. Its appearance suggests it has been dead for some time with extensive scavenging by seabirds. The whale's identity was confirmed from images which show its large bulbous head, forward positioned blow hole and their typical "dorsal hump".

The Irish Air Corps carry out routine patrols in our offshore waters and one of their many tasks is photographing observations during patrols. Since 2003 the Maritime Squadron have been photographing cetaceans, dead and alive, and forwarding them along with associated data to the IWDG under the Whalelog Project. The IWDG join the squadron each month for an offshore survey as part of our monitoring commitment under the PReCAST Project.

By Pádraig Whooley, IWDG

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