P&O Sponsor IWDG Ferry Surveys

1st Jun 2001 The IWDG and P&O Irish Sea Ferries have united to conduct cetacean surveys along a transect line from Rosslare, in Co. Wexford to Cherbourg in France and from Dublin to Liverpool. The surveys will be conducted on a monthly basis providing a year-round study of cetacean population movements and densites in the waters of the Irish Sea, Celtic Sea and English Channel.

The project will form part of a European collaboration between P&O, the UK (BDRP - Biscay Dolphin Research Programme), Spain (AMBAR - Sociedad para el Estudio y la Conservación de la Fauna Marina) and Ireland (IWDG - Irish Whale and Dolphin Group). Our goal is to conduct year-round line transect surveys for cetaceans, leading to a clearer picture of important habitat locations and seasonal movement trends of cetaceans in North-West Europe.It is hoped that the surveys will get underway in the next month and we will bring you updates on all our sightings and adventures in the very near future.

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