Ship Surveys News - Offshore Reports

11th May 2009 You can track the very latest offshore cetacean sightings under the IWDG's PReCAST project by clicking the "Offshore Survey Daily Reports" icon on the right side of our home page.

The latest survey details are as follows:

Survey: 2009 Corals ROV Survey

Area: Shelf Edge, Porcupine Seabight, Rockall Bank & Biscay

Agency: NUI Galway / Marine Institute

Ship: R.V. Celtic Explorer

Observer: Dave Wall, IWDG

Dave is carrying out dedicated cetacean surveys in offshore waters from platforms of opportunity. This section gives the reader a daily sightings summary with stunning images from offshore waters which historically have had little or no observer effort.

Although hampered by some poor weather conditions, Dave has still been recording some fantastic observations...although not all of them are of cetaceans! Check out his wonderful photograph of the Long-eared owl on migration. We hope you'll find this section of interest.

Alternatively you can use the following link