Another whale live-strands in Co. Kerry

3rd May 2006 This afternoon a bottlenosed whale live stranded but died at Fermoyle, Brandon on the north side of the Dingle peninsula. Chris Van Schoor contacted his wife Lee and she then contacted the aquarium in Dingle.

Once again Kevin Flannery was one of the first on the scene but no sooner had he called the IWDG for assistance than the whale died.

Mick O'Connell, local IWDG contact in Co Kerry, arrived soon afterwards and identified it as a female Northern bottlenose whale measuring 7.3m.

Bottlenosed whale found at Fermoyle, Co Kerry

The IWDG has measured and photographed the whale and collected skin samples for genetic analysis. However due to its position down the beach and the high seas it is unlikely a full post-mortem will be carried out. Photographs of the animal can be seen by visiting the stranding section of the website.

Bottlenosed whale found at Fermoyle, Co Kerry

It is intriging that since Saturday we have had a live stranded striped dolphin (Cork harbour), pilot whale (Inch Strand) and now a Northern bottlenose whale in Fermoyle. The only connection I can find is that they are all predominantly squid eating species. Maybe there is an inshore movement of squid associated with spawning !!

Everyone is asked to report any strandings as soon as possible to the IWDG.

Simon Berrow

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