IWDG submission to Corrib Gas EIA.

29th Apr 2001 The IWDG submission to the Corrib Gas Environmental Imapct Assessment Scoping document is available to download in PDF format. RSK (the company conducting the EIA) invited the IWDG to make a submission. The IWDG made a submission, focusing on the areas which RSK wished to address, however the published version of the EIA failed completely to address the points which we had raised and indeed failed to acknowledge the IWDG submission entirely.

The IWDG has since made submissions to the Dept. of the Marine, Enterprise Oil and DĂșchas highlighting the deficiencies of the final EIA document. This is an matter which we will be pursuing over the coming months until we are satisfied that the issues we have highlighted have been dealt with in the proper manner. To download the full text of the IWDG submission, click Here.

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