Effort watch sites

12th Jan 2006 Have there been any recent sightings at an effort watch site near you ?

The IWDG database now contains a total of 1754 watches carried out from 93 sites distributed throughout the island of Ireland. The total number of hours watched now exceeds 2689.

Watch sites are presented both as a map and a table of counties. By clicking on locations or on the county list you will be brought into exact locations, which give a site description and picture for most sites and description of the site. Present web reports provide summary data from all records as well as monthly summaries of watch effort and sighting rates.

We have recently been approved for another 3 year tranch of funding (ISCOPE II). One of the main objectives will be to expand the effort watches and establish a network of key watch sites which will become inshore cetacean monitoring sites on behalf of the National Parks and Wildlife Service, where we hope to build up a long time series to explore trends in abundance and sighting rates.

Effort watches are now available at http://www.iwdg.ie/iscope/effort/

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