Whale Watch Ireland 2005 results

3rd Aug 2005 We are delighted to report that Whale Watch Ireland 2005 was a big success, attracting in excess of 1,275 people to 10 headlands throughout the four provinces.

As per table 1. below cetaceans were observed at 80% of watch sites, confirming our opinion, that Irish waters offer among the best land based whale watching in European waters. Three cetacean species were recorded during official watches: harbour porpoise, common dolphin and minke whales. Grey seals and some interesting seabird activity were observed at several locations.

Watch location & cetaceans seen

Galley Hd, Cork: Minke whale x 2

Hbr. porpoise x2

Brandon, Kerry: Common dolph.x30

Loop Hd, Clare: Dolphin sp. X 6

Mullaghmore, Sligo: None

Ramore Hd, Antrim: None

Whitehead, Antrim: Hbr. porpoise x1

Dolphin sp. X1

Bloody Bridge, Down: Hbr. porpoise x4

Killiney, Dublin: Hbr. porpoise x6-8

Hook Hd, Wexford: Hbr. porpoise x5-6

Ardmore, Waterford: Hbr. porpoise x3

We'd like to thank Inis Cologne for supporting this event in 2006.

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