Dolphin Days on the Irish Sea with Irish Ferries

22nd Jun 2005 Anyone travelling by ferry across the Irish Sea should bring a good pair of binoculars as a dolphin bonanza is there to be enjoyed.

On Tuesday 21st June a survey on board the Isle of Inishmore to Pembroke recorded no less than 3,000 common dolphins in one of the biggest supergroups recorded in the Irish Sea in recent times. In addittion several porpoise sightings were made in the approaches to Miford Haven.

Meanwhile on Saturday 18th June our survey on board the Ulysses to Holyhead recorded groups of harbour porpoise, common dolphins, Risso's dolphins and a minke whale.

Another record from the Ulysses a few weeks previously recorded a breaching minke whale 4km past the Kish light in Dublin Bay.

Pooled with recent fin whale and minke whale sightings in the Dublin area, it's a good bet to keep yours eyes peeled while crossing the 'pond' at any time during the summer.

The IWDG operates monthly surveys from Dublin to Holyhead and from Rosslare to Pembroke on board Irish Ferries ships. Volunteer opportunities are available on these surveys. You must be 18yrs+ and should have a strong interest in cetacean conservation with a view to a lasting commitment to the ferry surveys project... and not be prone to mal de mer!

If you are interested please email

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