Large whale activity off Tory Island.

16th Apr 2005 There have been a number of whale sightings reported to the IWDG from Tory Island, Co. Donegal. The most recent was on 13th April of a large whale, whose description best matches that of a humpback whale.

The 1st report on 21st March was of a group of five whales. It was not possible to validate this sighting, but video footage is available and will be viewed by Simon Berrow who will be on Tory for the 1st of the IWDG whalewatching weekend courses on Tory (20-22 May). We hope this footage will enable us identify which species they were.

The most recent report passed on by Pat Doohan of Ostan Tory was on 13th April from the Island ferry, between Tory and Bloodyforeland. Patrick Roger's description was of a whale that was c50ft in length and was observed tail-fluking, with some white patterning on the ventral side of the fluke. The description suggests strongly it was a humpback whale, which would be an interesting development, as this species is observed most frequently between autumn and early winter off the Irish south coast.

For those with the inclination, it could be worth the effort to watch the weather forcast for a weather window and to check out the area. We are anxious to look at any images of humpback whales from Irish waters, especially if you are fortunate enough to get a shot of the underside of the tail-fluke, as this may help us establish whether this is a new Irish humpback, or one that currently exists in the Irish humpback whale catalogue.

Please keep us informed of any sightings you make by reporting them on-line through our website or by calling is on 023-31911.

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