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Fin whale strandings November 2017

We are fortunate in Ireland to have the world’s second-largest animal, the fin whale, frequenting our coastal waters. There are regular sig...

14th Dec 2017

IWDG calls for a conversation about sprat in the latest edition of This Island Nation

IWDG contribution to this months This Island Nation includes an appeal by the IWDG for a national conversation on managing sprat stocks ...

28th Nov 2017

New IWDG Galway Local Group

A local IWDG group branch has been established in Galway to continue to promote the monitoring of whales and dolphins off around the coast of County G...

17th Nov 2017

UPDATED- IWDG very concerned about pair trawling in the Shannon Estuary

16 November 2017 The IWDG received a letter from the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine following receipt of our email expres...

16th Nov 2017

IWDG on TV3 news highlighting pair trawling in the Shannon

Dr Simon Berrow highlighted the IWDG's legitimate concerns over sprat fishing in the Shannon estuary on TV3's 3news at 5.30 tod...

13th Nov 2017

Celtic Mist comes to Dublin for overwintering and repairs

As part of a deal with Waterways Ireland, the IWDG has secured a berth for the Celtic Mist at Charlotte Quay in the Grand Canal Dock, Dublin. The bert...

8th Nov 2017

Marine debris found in 8.5% of whales and dolphins in Ireland

Marine debris found in the stomachs and intestines of whales, dolphins and porpoise in Ireland in one of the largest studies of this kind undertaken ...

1st Nov 2017

Another 'Record' Year For Cetacean Strandings

Up to and including 2010, IWDG never received more than 150 validated cetacean stranding reports in any one year but things started to change in 2011 ...

8th Sep 2017

Life on the Edge on Celtic Mist

5 September 2017 The departure point for this years’ offshore cruise on Celtic Mist was Kilrush which we departed on Monday August 28th Augus...

5th Sep 2017

Whale Watch Ireland 2017 Results

On Saturday 26th August the Irish Whale & Dolphin Group delivered Whale Watch Ireland 2017. This All–Ireland Whale Watch day comprised free,...

31st Aug 2017

Another view from our offshore waters

The annual inshore arrival of the commonly observed whale species like the minke, fin and humpback whales has been well documented by IWDG over many y...

19th Jul 2017
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