Whale Watch Ireland 2018, Sat. 25th August, 2:00-5:00 pm

25th Aug 2018

Whale Watch Ireland 2018, Saturday 25th August

The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (IWDG) invites you to join them for a land-based whale watch at a local headland between 2:00-5:00 pm on Saturday 25th August 2018. The purpose of whale watch day is to raise awareness of the 25 species of cetaceans (porpoises, dolphins and whales) recorded to date in all Irish waters, by giving the public an opportunity to look for and observe some of these wonderful marine mammals in their natural environment.  This event also provides IWDG researchers with a unique snapshot of whale and dolphin activity around the Irish coast on the day.

This annual, all-island event, organized by the IWDG in association with Inis is free and open to all. All watches are land-based and will be led by experienced IWDG researchers and whale watchers, who will show you how to observe and identify some of the more commonly recorded cetacean species in Irish waters and who will be available to discuss the conservation work of the IWDG.  

You should bring binoculars or a spotting scope and dress appropriately for outdoor weather conditions.  There are no boat trips involved, and there is of course no guarantee that you will see whales or dolphins at your chosen site; but at last year’s event whales or dolphins were recorded at 15 of 20 sites (75%). So if the weather is suitable on the day, you’ve quite a good chance of seeing some really interesting marine wildlife, and in the process you’ll be supporting whale and dolphin conservation in Ireland by becoming actively involved in Citizen Science.

Please contact your local organizer for further details (see below) or visit the IWDG website www.iwdg.ie for the latest information on whale and dolphin sightings and strandings in Irish waters.

Whale Watch Ireland, is part of Heritage Week, co-ordinated by the Heritage Council www.heritagecouncil.ie. Whale Watch Ireland 2018 is sponsored by Inis www.seathebeauty.net

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Any media enquiries to:

Pádraig Whooley, IWDG, Phone: 086- 3850568 or email: padraig.whooley@iwdg.ie


Local contact details for enquiries

Watch location Meeting Point Watch Leader  Contact Email
Clogher Head, Louth Port Oriel Upper Car park Breffni Martin 087 9145363 bmartin@regintel.com
Howth Head, North Dublin Balscadden Car Pk Conal O' Flanagan 086 3537900 candhof@gmail.com
Killiney Bay, South Dublin Vico Road Meadhbh Quinn 087 2759529 meadhbh.quinn@iwdg.ie
Bray Head, Wicklow Pitch & Putt car park Justin Ivory 087 6833898 jcivory67@gmail.com
Wicklow town, Wicklow Black Castle car park Brian Glanville 087 1390665 brianglanville1@hotmail.com
Hook Head, Wexford Lighthouse Noel Lynch 087 3226656 ann@hookheritage.ie
Ardmore Head, Waterford Ram Head Signal Tower Andrew Malcolm 087 7952061 oxmoron@gmail.com
Galley Head, West Cork  Lighthouse Pádraig Whooley 086 3850568 padraig.whooley@iwdg.ie
Bray Hd, Valentia Isl. Kerry Signal Tower Sean O' Callaghan 085 7764918 seanocallaghan212@gmail.com
Clogher Head, Kerry Layby Nick Massett 087 6736341 nickmassett@hotmail.com
Loop Head, Clare  Lighthouse Simon Berrow 086 8545450 simondberrow@gmail.com
Black Head, Clare Lighthouse Sandra O' Donovan 086 6061869 sanod2@gmail.com
Downpatrick Hd, Mayo Car Park Mark Holmes 086 7376369 markholmesmayo@gmail.com
Mullaghmore Head, Sligo  Mullaghmore Head Miriam Crowley 085 8535823 miriam.crowley@chg.gov.ie
Bloody Foreland, Donegal Foreland Heights bar car park Gareth Doherty 086 2223328 selchiesailing@yahoo.ie
Inishowen Head, Donegal Tower Trish Murphy 087 6478183 trishjmurphy@gmail.com
Portrush, Co. Antrim Ramore Head Jim Allen 078 76516032 jallen3597@yahoo.co.uk
Portmuck, Antrim Car Park Cathy Hinds 075 11160658 chinds05@qub.ac.uk
Bloody Bridge, Down Car Park Dave Wall 077 71762355 dave.wall@iwdg.ie


Images courtesy of IWDG: Howth Head, Co. Dublin, Loop Head, Co. Clare, Galley Head, Co. Cork, Clogher Head, Co. Kerry, Inishowen Head, Co. Donegal

Graphics by William Helps