IWDG Marine Mammal Observer (MMO) courses in Ireland

4th Nov 2017

JNCC MMO course


The JNCC qualification is required to work as a professional MMO in the UK continental shelf (UKCS) and is also a de-facto requirement for MMOs in Ireland. The JNCC-recognised MMO course details the rationale and requirements of the JNCC guidelines. Once completed, course attendees will be able to perform the duties of an MMO to work in Ireland and the UKCS and most jurisdictions internationally.

The course is operated over one day and is a lecture-based format. The cost of the course, including accreditation, is €200. There are two dates you can attend, Saturday 4 November or Sunday 5 November. The venue for the course is the Shannon Dolphin Centre, Merchants Quay, Kilrush, Co. Clare.

If interested, please email patrick.lyne@iwdg.ie and state a preference for the Saturday or the Sunday.



Additional Irish accreditation course

While JNCC accreditation is required in Ireland to work as an MMO, Irish guidelines differ in many ways to the JNCC guidelines. This has led to confusion over the past few years, with MMOs sometimes implementing the wrong guidelines or not fully understanding Irish guidelines.  To overcome this, the IWDG has developed an online course detailing Irish guidelines, so that participants are informed of the differences and can apply the correct guidelines to an Irish context.

The course is operated online and is a lecture-based format, with short multiple choice online tests, followed by a feedback form (which is a requirement to completing the course). The cost of the course, including accreditation, is €100 to non-IWDG members and €50 to IWDG members*. As the course is online, the dates to complete the course are flexible. 

The IWDG has obtained funding from the EPA to set up this course. Payment for either the JNCC course or Irish guidelines course should be made through the online shop.  

For more information and to sign up, please email patrick.lyne@iwdg.ieEPA


Course Packages

To complete both courses individually, there is a cost of €250 to IWDG members and €300 to non-members. As a special offer, which runs until the end of September, we are offering both courses with a €10 reduction.