Last call for crew on return leg - Life on the Edge

25th Aug 2016

This is a last call for crew to sail on the return leg of the journey from Brittany to West Cork along the shelf edge.

Join the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group shelf edge team sailing from Brittany in France to West Cork in Ireland leaving Camaret September 7th and arriving in West Cork September 15th or 16th  (all dates subject to weather).  We will be targeting the recording of large baleen whales principally and studying feeding behaviours where possible but will be alert to all possibilities to record other species and their acoustic behaviours where possible, in particular sperm and beaked whales where they occur.  There are two places available at €1200 with all food on board paid for but participants should make their way to Nantes or Quimper where they can be collected on the 6th.  A reduced price (€600) is available for one student.  Contact Patrick Lyne by email (mob +353 86 2334424) for further details prior to August 28th or email  after August 28th to check availability of places.

2 fin whales feeding

Feeding fin whales on shelf edge 2015.

Proposed route and waypoints

Track and waypoints for 2016.