Whale Sanctuary tour of Ireland on Celtic Mist

24th Apr 2016

IWDG are pleased to announce a 25th Anniversary Santuary Cruise onboard the IWDG vessel Celtic Mist to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the declaration of Ireland's waters as a whale and dolphin sanctuary.

The IWDG will be celebrating this declaration this summer with a 25th Anniversary Sanctuary Cruise onboard the IWDG vessel Celtic Mist.  The cruise will start from Fenit, Co Kerry on the 7th of May and will travel clockwise around Ireland. We hope to take in as many festivals and maritime events as possible and visit schools and coastal communities along the way. It is our intention to sail up the Liffey in the heart of Dublin on the 7th June 2016 to mark the anniversary of the declaration. It is due to finish back in Fenit at the end of July. Onboard will be marine biologists and IWDG members to talk knowledgeably about whales and dolphins and the IWDG and welcome members of the public (and members) onboard.

The 25th Anniversary Sanctuary Cruise onboard Celtic Mist will be run by IWDG members and berths are filling fast. We invite all IWDG members to assist in this cruise. Members and the public will be able to track the position of the vessel in real time on www.iwdg.ie and we will be posting blogs, images and video of our tour of Ireland as we go.  While in port, we will be calling into schools and coastal communities to deliver talks and carry out education and outreach events.  The dates of each leg of the tour are as follows below:

Leg 1: Fenit to Galway, 7th to May 14th 
Leg 2: Galway to Killybegs, May 15th to May 21nd 
Leg 3: Killbegs to Ballycastle via Rathlin, May 22nd to May 28th 
Leg 4: Ballycastle to Dublin, 29th of May to 5th of June
Leg 5: Dublin -Drogheda - Arklow, July 8th to July 16th 
Leg 6: Arklow to Glandore, July 18th to July 28th

Please contact celticmist@iwdg.ie for more information or contact:

Meadhbh Quinn on 087 275 9529

Dr Simon Berrow on 086 8545450